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DVIDS – News – Operation Warp Speed ​​Security Team Monitoring Virus Control Efforts

From the start of Operation Warp Speed ​​to the tactical last mile of vaccine delivery, a focused team of security specialists protect the COVID-19 vaccine every step of the way. “We have been fully integrated from day one,” said the army brigadier. General Michael “Mac” McCurry, Operation Warp Speed ​​Assistant for Security and Insurance. “Our […]

Security team

What your data security team can expect in 2021: 5 key trends

2020 showed all the ways data security could go wrong. Ransomware has taken off, with one incident response firm attributing more than half of all its 2020 breach investigations to ransomware attacks. Data proliferation and access to data in the cloud have become significant threats as many employees transition to remote working and expand the […]

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US National Security Agency Warns of Russian Hacking of VMware Products

(Reuters) – A new cybersecurity alert from the U.S. National Security Agency warns that “state-sponsored” Russian hackers are actively exploiting a software vulnerability in several products made by cloud computing company VMware Inc. The NSA said organizations should apply a software patch the company provided on Saturday “as soon as possible.” If successfully exploited, the […]