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Britney Spears scares security team after bloody knee injury

Britney Spears may need medical attention. We’ve all heard of #FreeBritney, but that hashtag may need to change and be updated to #KneeBritney after a recent drop in the princess of pop in his garden. At first it seemed like just a normal accident, but what happened next alerted her security team to take action, as she recently told more of 40 million followers on instagram what really happened.

Is Britney okay? And what does his knee injury have to do with his dog Sawyer?

Britney Spears shows off her bloody knee after falling


Spears showed off the horrible injury and mentioned that “it was a big deal!!!” The reason is, as she continued on her IG saying, “My bloody knee spilled all over my dog’s paws…security said Sawyer is injured and I said no it’s me. Luckily it looks like the injury was just a scratch and no further damage was done because if Britney were to injure her knee it wouldn’t be good for all of us who love watching her dance videos. and a cast wouldn’t look very good under a future wedding dress.

Although the injury couldn’t have been fun, one good thing that came out of it was that she still got closer to her dog when she was excited and joked that they had become one right now as a freaky vampire!

Britney Spears loves her dog Sawyer

In March, Spears showed her love for her dog Sawyer, whom she adopted after a trip to Hawaii, by writing about him and showing a loving video. She gushed over him saying, “Thank you for the dogs!!! Dog spelled backwards is God…not sure there’s a correlation but I think dogs are amazing animals!!! ” The ‘Sometimes’ singer mentioned that she had been attacked in the past by two different dogs, but finding her new dog changed things as she exclaimed: “I found Sawyer in Maui, a gift of God !!! Literally !!! He held me so tight when I held him that I literally couldn’t leave the place.

The reason security might think Sawyer was hurt is because he has a great sense to help spears as she also mentioned, “If someone comes into my room that they don’t know, they literally act like a lion!!! They literally show a protective side that I wish I had seen in my so-called “protection system”!!!…72 people you don’t know in and out of a house every week…take your car…animals…cold blooded criminals never even have to go through these measures!! All for what??? And you know what, I don’t ask myself the question anymore… I KNOW WHY!!!”. I don’t want to give them the time of day with their words… I prefer to FINALLY react and their spit in the face!!!”

“Sawyer made me feel more loved in 9 seconds than ever,” she admitted “No bullshit, no words!!! Pure genius protection because of one thing… HE LOVES ME! !!The kind of love that doesn’t require POWER…SEX…LUST or MONEY!!!…I finally feel like I’ve found my God!!!!Someone finally scared my safety and checked their [a–es]. It wasn’t me…it was my dog.

To see all of Britney’s remarks for Sawyer, read the full IG post below.

Britney Spears has another protector in her future husband Sam Asghari

Britney Spears arrested by highway patrol for driving to a

Sawyer isn’t the only man in Britney’s life who is protect her as she has her sons Sean Preston and Jayden Federline and also has her fiancé Sam Asghari. And we also don’t know the gender of her future little one but it’s very likely that the little one will also support Britt through the good times, the hard times and the times when she gets hurt again in the garden.

We love the Britney Spears we have now because she’s so open to all of us and herself, and we wish her a speedy recovery! She deserves the best and we hope that’s all she gets for years to come.