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Cleveland Mayor’s Officers for Personal Safety

CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has finally found the opportunity to ask the mayor of Cleveland the questions he’s been avoiding for weeks.

At a press conference on Tuesday, we asked him directly to take the Cleveland police out of town with him for his own personal safety.

Earlier, we revealed that Mayor Justin Bibb attends conferences across the country and takes city officers with him for security reasons, even though the Cleveland Police Department is running out of hundreds of officers.

We asked the mayor, “How do you justify taking 2 and 3 police officers with you to out-of-town conferences for your personal protection at a time when citizens are waiting and waiting here in Cleveland for police due lack of staff?

He replied, “For security reasons, I will not comment on my security details. »

We went on to say, “But you can’t just avoid the question. How do you explain that to taxpayers? The other mayors we checked with do not do the same.

And the mayor replied, “I’m not going to comment on my security details.

The I-Team discovered this year that Mayor Bibb traveled to five conferences for the mayors of Miami, Austin, Reno and Washington, DC.

On four trips, he took 2 police officers from his executive protection group for “security and escort duties”.

In Reno, he takes 3 officers.

Meanwhile, the I-Team reported this week that during the most critical 911 calls, Cleveland residents wait for help for nearly ten minutes on average. One minute more than a year ago.

We also showed you that activists have questions too.

Larry Bresler directs Organizing Ohio. Last month he said: ‘For him to take three security guards to towns where no one will recognize him really doesn’t make sense.

The mayor says his administration is doing everything it can to reduce violent crime.