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DVIDS – News – All-female security team manages sensitive information and assets for key partners in the National Capital Region

Denise Hurt works from her office outside Fort Meade, Maryland, the home base of her all-female security team. The team, part of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Real Estate Services Field Office (RSFO), manages unique, high-level security assignments for top Department of Defense agencies. (DOD). In fact, their work is so specialized that RSFO is one of the only full-service project management shops in the federal government capable of providing fully authorized personnel at the Top-Secret level and above.

In his role as Special Security Officer, Hurt is responsible for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) monitoring for RSFO and USACE Baltimore Greater District. Hurt ensures that those who handle the SCI meet the necessary RSFO personnel security standards and DOD and NSA security guidelines, as well as maintain accreditation to work within the SCI facility, or SCIF.

This expanded responsibility means not only ensuring that employees have the appropriate clearance to work in a SCIF, but also working with other facility security officers to support USACE partners in the intelligence community. RSFO officers manage both personnel management and industrial management, working on physical, information and communication security. This includes renting and managing facilities for partners to ensure the security of classified information.

Despite a male-to-female ratio of nearly 75/25 in safety, Hurt looks with pride at the all-female composition of his team — perhaps even more so in the face of this data.

Hurt’s unique team includes Karen McMullen and Racquel Cook, an eponymous trio of “power puff girls”.

“We collaborate and share ideas to help improve the safety program,” she says. “We all have different specialties, and it works.”

Hurt brings to his team a comprehensive summary of his experiences across the DOD security portfolio. She worked as a contract background investigator in Missouri; as G-2 Personnel Security Officer for the Army Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona; and as the Installation Security Officer for Installation Management Command at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. His civilian career with USACE began in the New Orleans District, which included roles in personnel security and as a counterterrorism and security officer.

“I like that the field is so broad that I can work in a wide variety of security disciplines,” she says, as evidenced by her vast experience.

She would “strongly encourage” women to join her in the security field, adding, “The job opportunities in the National Capital Region are rewarding and endless.”

Date taken: 24.03.2022
Date posted: 24.03.2022 15:12
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