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Innovative new lock sets the standard for school security protocol

HOUSTON, August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flip Lok, a HoustonA woman-owned company with a mission to keep communities safe, today announces the launch of its one-of-a-kind lock designed to instantly transform any space into a safe room. Created with students in mind, the Flip Lok is simply activated by lowering the lock. Proven to be ten times stronger than a deadbolt, this state-of-the-art device is now available for purchase nationwide and is considered an essential security measure.

“When we tragically realized that the safety of our children could not be guaranteed, my husband and I decided to create a system that would prove to be the solution in the event of an active threat,” said Anna Reger, Owner of FlipLok. “Flip Lok not only provides safety for students inside schools, but also emotional safety for parents who know and believe there is a program in place to keep their children safe.”

With the country recently devastated, many have been focused on preparing for the upcoming school year. Anna Reger saw a need for schools to add another layer of protection and worked with her husband, John Reger, to create a simple yet effective lock easily activated by all ages. The school-designed bolt is bright red and has 911 numbers when turned upside down, signaling students to call for help. The company’s slogan “It Flips, Drops and Locks” simply explains how the technology works. When the lock is folded down, the room is safe and secure. The system takes no more than five minutes to install and less than half a second to activate. To ensure complete safety, Flip Lok is tested against all external forces and found to be tamper-proof, unbreakable and completely secure.

“The real power behind school security is approach. A terrifying fact we’ve learned through all of this is that 20 to 25 percent of school door locks don’t work,” Reger said. “With Flip Lok, there is no question of safety in a true active shooter incident where there are minutes or less left to respond.”

Flip Lok is available for purchase from the company’s website and is backed by a lifetime warranty. For those interested in school lockdown, special rates can be requested on the Flip Lok website. The company also offers a lock version aimed at residences with a more subtle design that can be pre-ordered.

About FlipLok:

Founded in 2021, Flip Lok is a woman-owned security lock company designed for schools and residences. Thinking of their daughter, CEO Anna Reger and her husband John Reger designed the product from the ground up to instantly create safe coins when activated. Flip Lok is ten times stronger than a deadbolt and is backed by a lifetime warranty. For more information, please visit follow us on instagram and Facebook.

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