Security team

Hampton City Schools Adds K-9 Security Team

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — K-9 Cody looks pretty laid back sitting in the hallway at Kecoughtan High School, but make no mistake — her trainer said she was laser-focused.

“She is trained in single-use explosives and will also locate firearms,” James Overton said with US ban on K9.

Hampton City Schools uses the company as part of its proactive plan to keep students and staff safe.

“We want to make sure the kids are doing the right thing here… We’ve had some unfortunate incidents with kids in our community and we don’t want that to happen in the school environment,” the supervisor said. security James Bailey at WAVY.

Dogs at the school are nothing new, in fact Hampton has his own narcotics sniffing dog. But these dogs are different, according to Overton.

“The dogs of the PD are not very – how to say diplomatically? – social,” he said.

Overton explained that they train dogs to alert, not apprehend. This makes them more accessible.

Also, a police dog’s mission is usually to find something in a static environment like a car or a locker.
Cody and his co-workers are trained to find a moving weapon, like that of a college student in a crowded hallway.

The company has a team of two dozen dogs.

“So it’s easier for us to reach multiple places if we need to,” Bailey told WAVY.

Plenty of paws to patrol the four high schools and five middle schools – and you never know when they’ll show up.

“I’m not a dog person, however, I’m doing a bit better,” said Violet Whiteman, executive director of Kecoughtan.

Whiteman appreciates minimal distraction, which helps keep the focus on learning.

“It comforts me a bit, you know, they’re there to help us,” she said.

Hampton has a contract with American K9 Prohibition until the end of the next school year.