Security system

Holliday ISD unveils new security system

HOLLIDAY (KFDX/KJTL) — Holliday ISD will soon add highly advanced software to its buses and elementary school building, through a partnership with NovoTrax.

Everything is done in the name of keeping students and staff safe and prepared for anything.

“It’s on everyone’s mind now, and so we’ve been very proactive in what we’ve tried to do here at Holliday,” Holliday ISD Superintendent Cody Carroll said. “But nothing is foolproof, and so what we’re just trying to do is add as many layers as possible.”

Layers of security is what Superintendent Carroll says is needed to help protect Holliday campuses from terrifying events like an active shooter.

To better protect students and staff, the district has partnered with a company with an entire software system designed to make campuses safer.

“We’ve been talking to this NovoTrax company for about a year and a half now, and they approached me with the opportunity to partner with them to put security measures in place,” Carroll said.

NovoTrax chief technology officer David Gleason said its security software, like the location tracking and mass notification system it offers, has been in the works for years now.

It’s just that recent activity has proven how badly schools need it.

“I just wanted to do what I could to help kids be safe,” Gleason said. “I have six children myself and I really want to do this.”

Gleason and his team have designed a tracking app that parents can use to track school buses, an electric lanyard system that can locate your child, and cameras that can identify weapons brought to campuses.

“The tool for parents is called on the busthe tool for educators is called EduTrax, the tool for firefighters is NovoTrax FD, the tools for hospitals and doctors are Novotrax MD,” Gleason said.

These tools help the various agencies that would respond to an emergency to communicate better and ensure that action is taken quickly.

“We can reassure parents as much that when they drop their kids off in the morning, they’ll be safe here,” Carroll said.

Bus software will be rolled out for Holliday in the next few weeks, and all other tools will be added over time. You can learn more about NovoTrax here.