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Insider Risk – What Your Security Team Wants You to KnowWebinar.

Governance and risk management , Insider threat , IT risk management

Executives are required to make “data-driven” decisions; Metrics, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – however you define being data-driven – to measure the effectiveness of the security program and frame their conversations with the management board. administration, partners and the company as a whole.

Yet there is a fundamental disconnect in security’s ability to communicate risk to leaders, which in turn leads to gaping missed opportunities to proactively make strategic, growth-oriented decisions.

This disconnect between business leaders, employees and security teams is analyzed in the latest Code42 data exposure report and will be explored in this upcoming live webinar. Sign up now and join this discussion – topics will include:

  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the security program;
  • Use key metrics to develop a holistic understanding of insider risk;
  • Best practices for communicating security issues throughout the organization.