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Ireland’s Shannon Airport makes various additions to its security team

Shannon Airport in County Clare, Ireland, announced on Monday that it has expanded its security team. Nine people successfully completed intensive airport security training and received their official certificates. The airport’s new recruits come from Limerick, Clare and Galway, but also from Lithuania, Poland and as far away as Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Ongoing investment in the screening process at airports

The new Airport Screening Unit (ASU) officers are the latest in a recruitment drive by Shannon Airport (SNN) to reinforce commitment to providing an easy passenger experience. Nineteen new ASU employees have joined the team since March of this year.


Now, that might not normally count as headline news. However, given the chaos and ridiculous queues at some European airports this summer (including Dublin Airport) due to shortages of security personnel, security personnel are now a major asset for airports. looking to keep passengers – and airlines – happy during the summer season. .

Shannon Airport Security Manager John Francis welcomed the new team members saying:

“I would like to congratulate our latest group of newly trained ASU officers and thank Senior Instructor Jean Moloney who was supported by his fellow Control Supervisors for the fantastic training they gave to our new team members. We are committed to making our passengers’ journey through Shannon Airport as smooth as possible. New recruits have undergone intensive training in all aspects of airport security to prepare them for this extremely important role, as we continue to invest in our vetting process.”

New hires get to work with the airport’s new state-of-the-art security screening system. Photo: Shannon Airport

CT scanners are a game changer

The ASU team works across the unit, from greeting passengers and checking boarding passes to analyzing baggage images and guiding passengers through the security process. Additionally, they work with US Pre-Clearance, on a combined EU/US checkpoint system, which SNN is the only airport in the world to operate.

In 2021, the airport installed CT scanners at security checkpoints after an investment of 2.5 million euros ($2.55 million). This means that items that passengers have to remove with normal x-ray machines, such as laptops and liquids, can now remain in the bags when going through security, saving a lot of money. time and frustration. Moreover, it means that the 100ml rule has been abolished at the airport.

However, without sufficient security personnel, the technology is secondary, as anyone traveling to Amsterdam Schiphol (which also introduced CT scanners over a year ago) this summer has been well aware of it. As a bonus to recruitment in other safety-related fields, nine new firefighters joined the Shannon Airport Police and Fire Service (APFS) earlier this year after three months of dedicated training.

The airport’s fire and rescue services were also reinforced at the start of the year. Photo: Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport is the third busiest in the Republic of Ireland. Aer Lingus and Ryanair are the main carriers, with TUI and United Airlines operating seasonal flights. The low-cost Spanish airline Vueling will start serving Paris-Orly from September 12. Before the pandemic, the annual number of passengers was stable at around 1.75 million people per year.

The airport’s unique checkpoint system, which complies with European and United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standards, has been in operation since 2016. Its operation means that the passenger is checked once according to the two regulatory standards, eliminating the additional requirements that are in place at other pre-clearance airports. .

Did you fly from Shannon airport or any other airport using CT scanners? What was your experience? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.