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Lana Del Rey’s Security Team Once Arrested Grimes Backstage

Why was Grimes once arrested by Lana Del Rey’s security team?

On May 16, Grimes shared a series of tweets regarding the wild encounter and her admiration for the “greatest lyricist alive.” The interpreter of “Oblivion” tweeted that she couldn’t “grasp the quality” of Del Rey’s work and recently delved back into his discography.

She then casually mentioned that she and fellow musician Hana were arrested at one of Del Rey’s concerts. The incident apparently took place in 2015 during his Endless Summer Tour for which Grimes was an opening act.

“Me and @HANAtruly were arrested by Lana’s security team when we were filming with her because [sic] she started playing ‘Off to the Races’ and we screamed and cried so hard backstage they thought we were fans who stormed into the locker room,” Grimes tweeted.

The lights rang and added, “Lmaoooo that song still slams,” to which Grimes responded” Yeah [sic] we melted and paid the Bahahaha price but they let us go afterwards and we still got to see the rest of the show.”

Grimes appears to be in a Lana Del Rey musical phase, as she updated her Twitter bio with a lyric from Del Rey’s song, ‘Gods & Monsters’, which read: ‘In the land of gods and monsters , I was an angel, trying to f—-d hard.”

It wasn’t the first time Grimes had shared his love for Del Rey’s music. In 2018, Grimes interviewed Rey for NME to promote his new music. Then in 2019, Del Rey interviewed Grimes to promote his record, Miss_Anthropocenefor Interview Magazine.

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