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Marvel Security Team Intentionally Misdirected Spy Photographers, Ms. Marvel Star Says

Think about how many resources Marvel has to combat the ever-present threat of spoilers. They can call on legions of hard-nosed lawyers to enforce their bids, they’ve chained countless actors to restrictive nondisclosure agreements and, of course, there are those mythical “Marvel snipers” who just ask. ‘to put pressure on big mouths like Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo, if necessary. But they apparently have another trick in their playbook, a “Break the glass in case of emergency” countermeasure when the situation really calls him.

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) on ​​Reddit, Iman Vellani celebrated the Season 1 finale of ‘Ms. Marvel’ by getting riled up with a whole bunch of other superhero fans on the Marvel Studios subreddit. . Showcasing all of the same wit and charm that made the actor an instant fan favorite, Vellani answered many of the most pressing questions viewers had for her. One such response revealed that Marvel had a habit of intentionally planting fake props to confuse viewers.

“…I saw this leak of photos of the BARF case set which turned out to be a complete mistake on the part of Marvel security. They literally planted this! And now I have so many respect to Marvels security team.”

The “case” she mentions refers to a certain prop on the set of “Avengers: Endgame” that suggested the Binary Augmented Retro Framing technology invented by Tony Stark in “Captain America: Civil War” would explain how superheroes revisit the events of “The Avengers”, essentially making it a virtual reality simulation. Suspected to be a conspiracy even then, Vellani bluntly confirms that it is and has made it impossible to trust our own eyes from now on whenever the next set of photos leaks. Well done, Marvel, well done.