Security team

Meet our France R&D Security team

We are the security team within the Security R&D team in Massy, ​​France. We strive to ensure that the products and features we deploy are secure. This diverse team is made up of security engineers, penetration testing engineers, vulnerability analysts, and security developers and designers. Together, we will develop the future of security R&D to transform the present and shape the future.

Read what some of our safety R&D colleagues say about their work at Ericsson.

R&D Safety at Ericsson France

Ericsson has over 60,000 patents to its name, such as Bluetooth, and we continue to develop the latest telecommunications technologies to improve communications around the world. As part of this work, the R&D security team in France is dedicated to ensuring that new technology is safe and secure, which includes analyzing and testing the security of our technology.

Within the team, our colleagues like Anil, penetration test engineer, and Meriem, product security specialist and member of the security quality team, work to assess the vulnerability of new products before their exit. Meriem explains what she mainly does in her role: “I assess the security of products before they are distributed to customers and I contribute to the analysis of technical security risks to prevent vulnerabilities.”

On a daily basis within the France R&D security team

Our daily tasks allow us to collaborate with the latest technologies: “I study topics such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for our services and products. My main task is about security by understanding how it was built to be able to find flaws and exploit them.

5G is becoming the first choice for communication systems for first responders. Mission critical services are essential for police, fire, ambulance and emergency services. A new project of this type is currently deployed by five countries in the world: in France with RRF, in the United States with FirstNet, in the United Kingdom with ESN, Virve 2.0 in Finland and SafeNet in South Korea. Ericsson is one of the main suppliers of such systems, in this sense my contribution goes beyond Ericsson.

In addition to our work at Ericsson, we participate in events outside the company. Anil recently captained an Ericsson team in a cyber defense competition where his team won first place. Here is how he describes his experience: “It was an honor to collaborate with such professionals in the same team, I am really grateful to everyone in my team. It was complex work, I learned to gain the trust of my colleagues and to achieve results. I know that security is taken very seriously and it is one of our customers’ top priorities. I hope that this achievement will help to further strengthen the confidence of our customers.

Anil, Intrusion Tester, France R&D Security

Our culture

Respect plays a big role in our culture; it is important because we work as a team. Respect for each other means that if we have questions we can talk to each other regardless of our role or seniority – we have a culture of openness which is shared among our colleagues. Sébastien, Head of Product Development in France, says: “At Ericsson, the culture of respect for all team members and the consideration of different perspectives makes it a good environment for solving problems. Anyone can speak. If people have a problem, we help find the best solution for everyone.

When there are difficult problems, there is always someone who is ready to help. Meriem explains what this open attitude at Ericsson means for her and her work: “I can ping my manager at any time if I have any problems, and we can resolve them together. There is also autonomy to discuss issues, present ideas and a culture of being able to talk to anyone. Anil agrees and adds: “I like working at Ericsson because of the unique Swedish culture which is good and warm; I don’t feel a lot of stress or pressure. There is a culture of openness here.

learning and development

Not only do we learn from our colleagues to improve technology, but we also work to develop ourselves by acquiring new skills and developing our careers. We have a wide range of opportunities and tools to grow professionally and personally in the direction we want. This is available to all colleagues, regardless of role or experience.

Sébastien shares: “We have a lot of training tools available and everyone is happy to share technical knowledge, so it’s easy to find good information and answers.” If we need a particular skill or training in our role, Ericsson will do its best to support you and help you receive that support. Meriem also says that “we can come up with whatever training we want and need, and Ericsson will review and approve to help us get that training.”

Sébastien, Product Development Manager, Safety R&D France

What future for R&D France?

The security team at our R&D site in France in Massy is constantly expanding as we strive to ensure that our products and services are invulnerable and as secure as possible before they are deployed to our customers.

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