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Naval Security Team Exercise in the Okanagan

All photos: Seaman 1st Class Valérie LeClair, MARPAC Imaging Services

Second Lieutenant Wilson Ho,
MARPAC/NST PAO Public Affairs

JThe Naval Security Team deployed to Okanagan Lake in Kelowna to conduct a training exercise July 4-9.

“The Naval Security Team is an integral part of Canadian Fleet Pacific, and this deployment has given us the opportunity to practice our craft in different, realistic and challenging environments,” said Lieutenant Commander Jeremy Breese, Commanding Officer naval security. Crew.

The intention was to conduct Defender Navigation and Tactics training to improve the skills and qualifications of boat coxswain trainees. The exercise also prepared the unit for possible deployments.

The specially trained Naval Security Team provides a layer of land and maritime security, also known as “enhanced force protection”, to ensure Royal Canadian Navy ships and personnel are protected in Canada and around the world. entire. The Naval Security Team supports a deployed vessel by allowing the crew to take time off during longer deployments or to focus on other duties, such as maintenance.

Naval Security Team Exercise in the Okanagan

Naval Security Team Exercise.

“We employ members of all trades, and the opportunities/responsibilities Sailors receive and demonstrate within the team allows us to continue to build an even more capable and self-sufficient force,” said LCdr Breese.

During last week’s training, the Naval Security Team conducted boat maneuvering drills and high value asset (HVA) static/dynamic protection drills.

Seaman 1st Class Paul Ayo assembles the C9 machine gun.

Seaman 1st Class Paul Ayo assembles the C9 machine gun.

“We were extremely excited to have this opportunity to deploy the Defender Boats on Okanagan Lake. I’m proud of what the team has accomplished and look forward to continued growth and success,” said LCdr Breese.

Members of the Naval Security Team are primarily Naval Reservists, with Regular Force members supplementing the team as needed. Its permanent core of 20 provides expertise and training, and is supplemented by a variable number of additional reservists, depending on the requirements of the current mission. Some personnel train and deploy for individual missions, then are withdrawn once the mission is complete.

Seaman 3rd Class Blake Fowler (left) and Seaman 1st Class Chad Deman prepare for a training day.

Seaman 3rd Class Blake Fowler (left) and Seaman 1st Class Chad Deman prepare for a training day.

The Naval Security Team was established in 2017 and is self-sufficient and capable of operating in established or rudimentary seaports anywhere in the world. Some of the operations supported by the Naval Security Team include Operation Projection (Asia-Pacific) and Operation Reassurance.

Sailor 1st Class Christine Rondina operates the boat High Value Asset for training purposes.