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Palmyra School District is looking to upgrade its security system after a man broke into the college and stole the technology

PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) – A school district in northeastern Missouri is looking to upgrade its security system after a man broke into his college and stole electronic devices.

Palmyra School District Superintendent Jason Harper said last week that a man entered the college through a back door that was opened with a rock.

Harper said the man stayed inside the college for about 45 minutes, stealing two MacBook laptops, an iPad and several books.

He said they have security cameras in all schools, but some of them are not working properly because they are old. Some parts of the buildings are not covered by cameras, such as sports facilities and some high school hallways.

Harper said one of the cameras that would have had a clear image of the suspect was not working.

“A lot of our cameras are 10 to 12 years old,” Harper said. “We might want to look at 4k cameras and things like that, where you can get much higher resolution and you can zoom in and still get clear images. We’re also looking at better coverage.

On Tuesday night, the Palmyra School Board discussed options for upgrading those security cameras.

They talked about subscription camera systems as well as cameras the district would own.

Harper said he is working to ensure faculty members keep doors locked in the future.

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