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Patreon fires entire security team

SAN FRANCISCO — Professionals in the IT and cybersecurity world have raised eyebrows after Patreon quietly fired their entire security team this week.

The news came following a LinkedIn post from a former member of Patreon’s security team on September 8. “So for better or worse, me and the rest of the security team at Patreon are no longer part of the company.” wrote Emily Metcalfe. “As a result, I am looking for a new job as a Security or Privacy Engineer and would appreciate any connections, advice or job opportunities from anyone in my network. #OpenToWork.

Fortunately, Metcalfe’s post was met with sympathy and support from several security professionals in the tech industry offering support and employment opportunities with companies such as Fortinet, Discord, Blue Origin and Comcast, among others.

That probably won’t do much to calm the nerves of Patreon’s more than 6 million patrons and hundreds of thousands of creators for whom the company handles financial transactions. Security System News reached out to Patreon for clarification shortly after the news broke about what precipitated the upheaval and whether it could be related to a more problematic issue like a corporate hack or data breach. .

“To answer your question, this was not in response to an incident, but I can confirm that we have terminated 5 employees who worked in security operations,” wrote Ellen Satterwhite, acting communications manager and head of Patreon’s US policy. “As a global platform, we will always prioritize the security of our creators’ and customers’ data. As part of a strategic change to part of our safety program, we have parted ways with five employees. We also partner with a number of external organizations to continuously develop our security capabilities and perform regular security assessments to ensure we meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

While the statement doesn’t specify why the company chose to eliminate its in-house security team, it does seem to confirm that Patreon now relies on outsourced third-party services to protect its data. To put that into perspective, Patreon’s post-money valuation in 2022 was US$4 billion and raised around $2 billion for its creators. This capital is now an even more attractive target for malicious third parties. Patreon, however, remains optimistic. Per Satterwhite- “The changes made this week will have no impact on our ability to continue to provide a safe and secure platform for our creators and patrons.”