Security system

Regional security system personnel in Saint Lucia to help fight crime

Law enforcement officials attached to the Regional Security System (RSS) are currently in Saint Lucia to assist local police in their fight against crime.

“They are in Saint Lucia and were deployed on Carnival Monday,” Prime Minister Philip J Pierre told the media.

He continued: “The police high command said they always said they needed more manpower, more men on the ground and that’s what the RSS is doing.”

Pierre, who is also the Minister responsible for National Security, said that although he has not received a report regarding the operational efficiency of RSS personnel, he hopes they will improve the operations of local police patrols. .

The initiative is part of the Prime Minister’s commitment to protect the country and its citizens by any means necessary.

Earlier this year, the Royal Saint Lucia Police received a fleet of new vehicles which should help it respond to crime.

The presence of the RSS team follows an upsurge in criminal activities on the island, particularly related to firearms, particularly in the south of the island where the inhabitants continue to express their fear for their safety and that of their relatives.

“We are doing our best !” said Prime Minister Pierre.

According to Pierre, the problem of serious crime is not isolated to Saint Lucia but is currently a major problem for the islands of the region.

“Saint Lucians need to understand the seriousness of crime. It’s not good for our country, but there seems to be an increase in crime throughout the region, but that’s no excuse. I think that very soon, CARICOM will have to sit down to discuss a common agreement to fight crime and social upheaval.