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Second career: Faith is the most senior member of the court’s security team | Community

Dale Faith had retired from a long career as a manager at Texas Gas and was considering what he wanted to do next when his wife, Brenda, suggested he consider becoming a court security officer for the Department of Daviess County Sheriff.

It was 2003. At the time, Brenda Faith was the administrative assistant to Circuit Judge Tom Castlen and was also friends with Sheriff Keith Cain.

“He (Cain) knew I was looking and said, ‘Would Dale be interested?’ Faith recalled during an interview last week, “I said, ‘Of course.’ I have always been interested.

Faith is the most senior staff member at the Justice Center, with 20 years of service. Prior to the opening of the Holbrook Judicial Center, court was held at the Daviess County Courthouse. Faith was recognized for his work by the Sheriff’s Office when he was named Deputy of the Year in 2018.

Court security guards, who have powers of arrest at the court center or when assisting with prison transportation to or from the court, screen people entering the court building, help keep order in the courtrooms and assist the public. They also work with sheriff’s deputies assigned to facility security.

“We are sworn officers and we have arrest power inside these four walls,” Faith said.

But part of the job is to interact with the audience and direct them to the right courtroom, Faith said.

“I’ve always been a people person,” he said. “It allowed me to get back to public work.”

Faith said court security officers receive additional training every two years. Although they have powers of arrest, Faith said if anyone gets agitated in court, they’ll try to calm the situation down and let the sheriff’s deputy decide if the person should be charged.

“My approach is to come back to the fact that we as beigeshirts (court security) don’t necessarily know the whole law,” Faith said. “We have powers of arrest, but we have to make sure we are right. We need to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe. »

Faith uses some of her Texas Gas skills at the Forensic Center. Faith, who was a business systems manager at Texas Gas, tracks court staff hours for the sheriff’s office. The state reimburses the sheriff’s office for the hours worked by court security officers.

Faith said Holbrook Judicial Center has been expanded over the years, adding family courtrooms and office space.

“Activities have overtaken this building,” Faith said. “They could use a new one here.”

People at court “come from all walks of life,” Faith said. “I just like meeting people. Sometimes you’ll get angry people, but you just have to calm things down.

Court security personnel “are great people. It’s a very diverse group. We watch over each other. We have a very good team and a very talented group. Everyone has their area of ​​expertise. »

Courts security “helps the public,” Faith said. “I hope they feel we’re keeping the building safe.”

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