Security team

Shannon Airport announces expansion of security team to improve passenger experience

SHANNON airport has announced the expansion of its security team.

Nine new recruits received their official certificates after completing airport security training.

The new officers have undergone training, which includes how to use the airport’s state-of-the-art three-dimensional X-ray screening system.

The system has built-in explosives detection software, which eliminates the need for passengers to separate liquids and electronic devices from their carry-on baggage.

Shannon is the first state airport to introduce this new technology which cuts the time spent going through screening in half.

The recently-remained Shannon Airport Group says the additional staff are from Limerick, Clare, Galway, Lithuania, Poland and as far away as Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Welcoming the team’s newest nine recruits, Shannon Airport Security Chief John Francis said: “I would like to congratulate our latest group of newly trained ASU officers and thank Senior Instructor Jean Moloney who was supported by his fellow Control Supervisors for the fantastic training they gave our new team members.

“We are committed to making our passengers’ journey through Shannon Airport as easy as possible. New hires have undergone intensive training in all aspects of airport security to prepare them for this extremely important role as we continue to invest in our screening process,” he added.

Newly certified officers were put through the training process, which includes both classroom and hands-on learning, followed by final exams and certification by the Irish Aviation Authority.

Since March this year, the airport has recruited a total of 19 ASU officers to complement its existing team.