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Sheffield City Schools start the school year with a new security system

COLBERT Co., Ala. (WAFF) – Schools in the city of Sheffield are back in class on Thursday. Students are ready to learn, teachers are ready to teach and Sheffield City Schools Superintendent Dr Carlos Nelson is ready to keep students safe using new technology.

This new security technology is called the Raptor System and uses a visitor’s driver’s license to perform an instant background check. The system allows school administrators to know who is on their campus.

Dr Nelson said instructors will also have the ability to send emergency alerts.

“Our roster of employees will be able to have the loin,” Dr. Nelson said. “If there is an emergency, any type of emergency, they can press the button, give the exact location and get an immediate response for whoever needs to respond.”

The new safety measures are not the only improvements to schools in the city of Sheffield. Sheffield High School is undergoing renovations so its technology can stay up to date.

“We make sure our electrical panels can keep up with the technology these days,” Dr. Nelson said. “Our buildings are older buildings, we’re going to have to go in and update our electrical panels. We’re updating our electrical panels just to make sure our schools are 21st century schools.

The Sheffield City Schools District is also seeing an increase in enrollment this year.

Nikki Wright, a mother of four, has two children still in school, she said learning in school is a relief for her when it comes to thinking about raising her children.

“I’m excited. For me, the learning they get in the classroom is much better in my opinion than at home,” Wright said. instructing in person.”

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