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The National Cybersecurity Agency organizes cyber range simulation training

The National Cyber ​​Security Agency (NCSA), represented by the Department of National Cyber ​​Excellence, organized a cyber range simulation course at the Qatar Computing Research Institute, with the participation of approximately 447 candidates from various authorities and institutions in the country. The course, lasting 30 days, is aimed at specialists and professionals in the field of cybersecurity.
The Cyber ​​Domain Simulation course is a virtual environment used for cyber technology development training, as it provides tools that help improve the stability, security, and performance of cyber infrastructure and information technology systems. The idea for the Cybercrime Prevention Training Course came after testing many organizations in Qatar to know their cybercrime capabilities and skills and to ensure their ability to protect themselves from cyberattacks.
The program contains technical material that increases the experience of employees in the field of cybersecurity to bring it to the level of an expert, through theoretical courses that are practically applied in the field of experimental training, to ensure that the employee acquires this live. The program also includes awareness courses targeting the non-specialist public official in the field of information systems and cybersecurity, and will issue an accredited certificate upon completion of these courses.
Head of NCSA’s National Department of Cyber ​​Excellence Dalal al-Aqidi stressed the importance of the course, which is part of the training program for the prevention of cybercrime and aims to increase the efficiency of workers and specialists in the field of information technology and security in government agencies in Qatar, in order to achieve the objectives of the National Cybersecurity Agency in maintaining and regulating national cybersecurity, and promoting and protection of vital state interests against cyber threats.
The Cyber ​​Range (Cyber ​​Range) Simulation Course is one of the proactive initiatives in light of the agency’s preparations to empower national cyber cadres and build capacity, in preparation for hosting the biggest sporting event of the country, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The agency launched the course as part of the specialized track of the Cybercrime Prevention Training Program, which targets employees working in agencies and institutions of state, to improve cybersecurity skills at the national level, Al Aqidi added.
The National Cybersecurity Agency seeks to strengthen cybersecurity skills at the national level through training and development, in order to prepare to effectively face cyberattacks whenever they occur.