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US National Security Agency launched cyberattack on Northwest China Polytechnic University (report)

(ECNS) — The Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO), the cyber warfare intelligence agency under the United States National Security Agency (NSA), has been documented to have conducted dozens of thousands of malicious cyberattacks on Chinese targets, controlling a large number of networks. devices to steal high-value data, according to a joint report Monday by China’s National Computer Virus Response Center and internet security firm 360.

In April, Northwestern Polytechnical University, a leading university for aviation, aerospace and navigation studies in the city of Xi’an in northwest China, announced that Trojans had been discovered in the university’s online system, attempting to obtain permissions illegally, and immediately reported to the local public security bureau.

To investigate the attack, the Response Center and Internet security company 360 jointly formed a technical team to launch a comprehensive technical analysis of the case.

By extracting several Trojan horse samples from the University’s infected information systems and Internet terminals, with the support of European and South Asian partners, the technical team identified the cyber attacker as TAO.

The investigation also revealed that over the past few years, TAO had monitored a large number of network devices, including web servers, Internet terminals, network switches, telephone switches, routers, firewalls, etc., to steal more than 140 GB of high-value data.

Thirteen people from the United States were found to be directly involved in the cyberattack, with more than 60 contracts and 170 electronic documents signed between the NSA and US telecom operators to expand the cyberattacks discovered.