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USPA Nationwide Security Announces Autonomous Security System

USPA Nationwide Security has announced a new standalone security system in its line of services. In September, the USPA will offer the deployment of new generation drones to its customers.

“Our autonomous security technology division consists of drones to complement our manned security solutions at a fraction of the cost of additional personnel,” said USPA CEO Dan Manning. “By positioning the base station and integrating the surveillance features, which learn with each deployment via artificial intelligence, the USPA drones can respond to movements on any part of the protected area with a time of response of up to 90 seconds to anywhere on a 10 acre property.”

“Predetermined flights, CCTV and autonomously chosen flight paths learned by our AI to detect obstacles and intermittent scans, allow our system to be mostly unmanned, saving our customers on the cost of patrol vehicles, manned guard posts and personnel to fly the drones where protection is needed to cover large areas.”

USPA drones can fly in bad weather, capture high-definition video, then self-recharge, then redeploy without any human direction.

The USPA’s first drone deployments will take place in September. The international security firm says its autonomous remote security systems can also meet the challenges of crowd control, civil unrest and large event monitoring.

Founded in 2005, USPA Nationwide Security is an international security company. With franchise offices spanning most of the United States and internationally, the USPA has two separate companies under its umbrella:

USPA National Security: Provides traditional security guard, fire guard, and protective services across the United States. This division is busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with its operations centers taking calls and responding to customers across the country. You can read the USPA’s national security advisories here.

USPA International Security: Concentrating close protection services in the Caribbean islands, parts of Europe and the Republic of Maldives security services for decades, this division is made up of security contractors who protect families, business people and children on vacation, travel and other trips. south of the United States.

USPA NaUSPA Nationwide Security is a United States-based security guard company focused on providing security services, bodyguards, fire watch, armed guard protection and traditional guards. A women-owned security company that has been donating 50% of all profits since 2005.tionwide Security is a United States-based security guard company that focuses on providing security services, bodyguards , fire watch, protection by armed guards and traditional guardians. A women-owned security company that has donated 50% of all profits since 2005.